In Critique of Programming

Seth Godin is brilliant, and I deeply appreciate every book he publishes and everything that he shares on his blog. Even his post this morning, In praise of programming, is a great contribution. But, it ends with,

You also need to figure out how to program for your audience, even if the audience is only one person.

I am not saying Seth is wrong, but I do disagree at a core level with what he is proposing. Or, I should say, I do not want to live in a world where I am simply an audience of every person I encounter.

I am a person. I want to be in a relationship with you. I do not want every conversation planned, structured in a content calendar, scheduled and delivered in a strategic order with a pre-planned story arch. I want to have messy conversations, that don’t always make sense, that are difficult to ‘consume’ but have a lasting impact.

Can we please have messy conversations again?

inward v outward gaze

Interesting guest post by Ryan Holiday on Tim Ferriss‘ blog:

What we could accomplish personally if, like Montaigne, we spent those 20 hours (whether usually spent on news sites, games, or Lost episodes) examining ourselves and learning what makes us tick?

[ via The Experimental Life: An Introduction to Michel de Montaigne ]

What if, however, our focus was on others rather than ourselves?