I read “Celebration of Discipline” a long time ago. At that point it seemed stupid and like a lot of legalism, even with all the disclaimers that Foster gives. Since then I have learned to see myself through eyes of grace and recognize the value of slowing down and listening for the voice of God. I need to re-read this book now that I’m in a different place. I’m sure it will have room to make a deeper impression on me this time around.

2 responses to “A story about the last time I consumed “Celebration of Discipline: The Path to Spiritual Growth, 25th Anniversary Edition””

  1. A Christian Prophet Avatar

    Bravo! Listening inside is almost everything. The other part is wanting nothing but God. Because if we want earthly things, then our inner voice directs as as we wish. Messages on the Holy Inheritance blog might be helpful. Most discipline is just another way to keep holding on and not allow Grace.

  2. tk Avatar

    And sometimes they put us in a position to recognize the Grace we’ve been taking for granted…

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