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  • jon

    I get it, sort of, though I’ll need to look at Pibb and I’ve never stopped to even know what IRC means.

    However, we’re doing the Lent collaboration, which is an interesting end in itself. There is a public piece, the blog itself. there is a private piece, happening through email, which i like being just through email, a way to directly encourage the participants. Is there a place, in this model, for that kind of private comment?

  • Jon, fwiw, pibb also allows private channels. And, I’m also not taking this to the extreme of “No Email Communication [period]” (I’ve never been very good at extremes. Unless you ask my wife)… I just would like to push things this way as often as is reasonable.

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  • jon

    yea, i looked at pibb and saw that. I’ll have to explore more.

  • I have no clue what your original post means, but I submit that e-mail is literally my lifeline to my far-flung family and friends as well as my music therapy buddies and Special Joy angels. It works for folks like you and Dwight who are technically sophisticated and multiply connected as well as for folks like Jarod, a young man born the same year as Dwight with William’s syndrome who loves to exchange messages with me and his extended family with an old computer powered by out-of-date software. His messages poke along a dial-up internet connection that runs to his family’s ranch somewhere in that vast open range near Camp Billy Gibbons on a thin, fragile wire held up by old, leaning telephone poles.

  • prayerwarrior – absolutely! i’m not talking about getting rid of email period. It’s still a great way to keep in touch with people, and there are many many people with which I would never be able to apply this practice. But this is more specifically focused on best practices for collaboration–when hundreds of emails are passed around to try to come to consensus on a project, but too much time is spent rehashing old ideas, or digging for solutions. In those instances, I would rather discuss ideas in chat (pibb), and start collaborating on the ‘decisions’ in a shared document (wiki).

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