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Just for the record:

yes, the emerging/missional/post-modern/organic/simple/Emergent™ church is dumb.
yes, the emerging/missional/post-modern/organic/simple/Emergent™ church falls short of the glory of God

no, emerging/missional/post-modern/organic/simple/Emergent™ church isn’t new, or better, or right

yes, the church always needs to be reformed
yes, the church always needs to be re-incarnate-ed

3 comments on “(Confession)”

It seems to me that NO effort to share the gospel of Jesus Christ – no matter how humble or how innovative – is dumb. God plants millions of different “strategies” in the minds of his missional people here on earth and he probably jumps for joy anytime one of us makes any attempt – feeble or intense – to actually take action on any of those ideas. I humbly submit that we need not to worry about the “rightness” of churches/ministries/outreach efforts, but that we just simply need to get busy – every day and in every way. The mission of God is best served when we invest our time and energy on sharing the Gospel to every person we encounter through our words, our actions, our writings, our music, our conversations, our professions, and our leisure time pursuits. The Holy Spirit takes care of making the seeds grow and mature and bear fruit. Isn’t it interesting that God chose to use such fragile, chipped, imperfect clay pots for the important task of sowing seeds?

Thanks for the reminder. “One,””Holy,””Catholic,” and “Apostolic,” happen more despite us than because of us. Weeds and wheat growing in the same field, ours to cultivate and God’s to sort. -md

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