Back to School

I will be heading back to school this fall full-time. Since my job ended last friday, Kim and I have had several conversations centered around, “So…. uh….. what’s next?” Though we still have no idea what will really happen next, we do both feel that me finishing my undergraduate degree is an important part of the equation. So over the last couple days I have been running around on the CSP campus trying to get readmitted into the university.

Fortunately I have a number of professors backing me up and offering to be support and encouragement. I am really looking forward to this opportunity. The long and short of how we ended up here is that, well, Kim said I could go back. For quite a while now I have had to work full-time since Kim has been going to school full-time. Now that she is almost done, she will be able to work full-time, while I go to school full-time. Let me say it one more time: full-time.

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it’s off to class I go.