Breaking My Silence

After a long silence, the prodigal poster returns. I have had a busy summer, and now I’m back in classes–for my last year (knocks-on-wood).

Just a few highlights to whet your palate. I have officially decided (as much as one can) that I want to become a writer. The downside of telling you this is that now you might expect more of me. Well, I suppose that is what I am asking of you as my readers. Which brings me to my second highlight: I have my own internal blog/wiki that I am using to keep track of all my own personal thoughts, links, ideas, etc.. So, this blog will be reserved for public writings. I have found that one of the hardest things about keeping a blog is deciding who your audience is. On one hand a blog writer is supposedly writing for themselves, but they are publishing it on the web, so it’s not like they are not aware that other people will read it. E.g. Jordon Cooper does a good job of blogging for others… while Dan Hughes has been more of a personal blowsier.

Anyway, my point is that I have a personal blog now, so from this point forward I will assume that my audience on this space is you. Not me. However, if you would like to view my personal blog (because you either enjoy being a data-voyeur or you’re my mom) say so in the comments on this page, and I’ll let you into my inner-lair.

Finally, I am involved in the emerging church on a couple fronts now. (I have long been a part of the discussion/journey/ex-youth-worker track, but it feels good to finally be a ‘practicioner’). I am as involved as possible in the Emerging Leaders Network and working hard to develop the website. I am also helping to plant a church through Spirit Garage. One of the people involved in the leadership of the plant is a Seminary student who is doing research for her Master’s Thesis at I will be posting comments there quite often and invite you to join in the discussion as well.