First day of seminary

Well, I survived my first day of seminary. Of course, I only had one class from 9-9:50. But one of my old (and I do mean old ^_^) profs is in my class, so that makes things fun. (We’ll see if he reads this blog!) Then a couple hours working in the book store, and now, here I am trying to import all my homework into my system.

I was going to start a new blog called surviving seminary but it looks like Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary beat me to it. Now I have to decide if I’m going to try to put it up somewhere else, or give up on the whole idea.

The plan was/is to have a site with life hacks, and spiritual hacks, and stories of survival for seminary students at large. While it would have a rebellious bent, it would try to be eccumenical in scope and even be welcoming to seminary students of the stick-in-the-mud bent.

Seing as how I hope to be a professor at the disseminary someday, it would also be a place to expore the viability of theological and spiritual formation through non-traditional means.

All this to say, that I would still really like to develop this community/resource/concept, but have to re-inflate my bubble after it was burst by SBTS.