for all the good times and all the hard times that have shaped me

For all the lessons that life has taught me; for all the good times and all the hard times that have shaped me; for all the happiness and all the trials that are yet to come; and for the magnificent blessing of this present moment, I offer my gratitude.

For the gift of the body, the senses, the heart and the mind, for these mechanisms of my soul, I offer my gratitude.

For the sight of the Beloved, the light of my eyes, my chosen companion on the road ahead, I prepare myself with open heart and open hands. In joy and humility I offer my gratitude.

/via Rabbi Shefa Gold

  • I have been walking around SF the past two days passing old haunts and milestones on my journey. I am amazed by how much I have learned in the past 5 years. And, at brunch this morning I had a chance to catch up with some good friends who have been on the journey with me. Tonight and for the next few nights, I will crash in the house of a new friend whose path has merged with mine recently. Tomorrow I get a sneak peek at part of my future. And this whole week I am having some mind blowing conversations with friends and partners who will play a major role in this next chapter. Some big things are on the way.

    Meanwhile, my beautiful angel is back at home–in OUR home–living our life and creating a beautiful HOME for us. She has trudged these hard trails, through valleys and pausing in the picturesque moments, struggling and celebrating with me. We have become strong. We have trained for this day, and the one after. We are ready. And, I never could have done any of this with out her.

    For all this, I offer my gratitude.