last week of class

Well, this is the last week of class for the semester. I probably will not be posting much on here this week since I have so many papers to write. Ugh… it’s gonna be a crazy week.

  • (-: Misery Loves Company!!!!!
    The official “JulieVW-Bad-Attitude-Paper-Writing-Tip-of-the-Day” is to just tell ’em what they want to hear, and save the brilliant stuff for later).
    Good Luck and Happy Writing!

  • tk

    My problem is, that unless I have the external motivation to write these papers, I will never get my “brilliant stuff” down later. 😉

  • tk

    even my MOM is telling me just to write what the professors want to hear…

  • hee hee — a big part of your college education is learning how to work the system (which is essentially saying what they want to hear)!

    As to external motivation – – ice cream with sprinkles (don’t skip the sprinkles) is a better motivator than professors with red pens (pouncing on every passive verb and split infinitive).

    Good Luck!

  • tk

    So you’re saying that when I finnish all my papers you are going to buy me an ice cream cone?

  • No, No, No.
    No one said anything about ice cream CONES (especially not in exchange for completed school work). Ice cream WITH SPRINKLES was suggested as a motivator for writing brilliant stuff — There’s a HUGE difference!!!!

    JulieVW writing tip of the day – – ice cream and brilliance are far to precious to waste on silly little things like grades. (I feel an “Anti-Grade-Tirade” coming on. It’ll be absolutely brilliant. But alas, brilliance must wait until after the Systems Analysis Paper is complete. [sigh].

  • he he… I don’t have any finals 😛

    dang, forgot I’m writing a really big paper due in Feb… 10-20k words