Late Night Studying Greek

greek I’m actually doing ok in Greek this semester. Not only am I passing, but I’m enjoying getting an A in a class for maybe the first time in my college career. It’s amazing how much of an impact just the little bit I have learned has had on my understanding of the Bible.

In other news, I have a Zire72 which has already had a huge impact on my memory and productivity. I guess it’s time to pull out Getting Things Done and read through it again. Anyway, the palm is nice because it plays well with my bluetooth phone, so I get to pretend like I have wifi on the palm, until, well…. I do. (see earlier wishlist.)

Good conversations lately at Solomons Porch and on theOOZE chat. And while there is a lot that I have to say right now, I’m in the mood to listen right now…






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