Odds, Ends, and In Between

Just wanted to drop a couple of thoughts on the blog as I come up for air in between writing papers and studying for finals.
* I have officially entered the realm of fountain pens, and I’m excited. I will say much more later, but for now let me just say that I never thought I could get so excited about ink.
* It’s ‘used to’ not ‘use to’
* My wife is amazing
* emacs is amazing and I can’t wait to learn more about how to use it this summer
* Why can’t I get the thought in my head onto a stupid piece of paper?
* On a similar note, I want to be a writer (ironic huh?)
* Almost done… just a few days left.

  • Fountain Pens rock…

    What about “usetacould”?

    Kim’s pretty cool

    emacs sucks… not really, but it seems to have a pretty steep learning curve… I’m a big fan of the mouse 😉

    The Tower of Babel

    Hey, so do I!

    Hey, same here!

  • tk

    hey thanks for the input sir, even if you are wrong about emacs. (not about the steep lerning curve, but about it sucking…. becuase it doesn’t)

  • Ooooooh! Fountain pens! =) Emacs! =D

    As for getting stuff out of your head and into paper: it’s just a matter of practice and time.

  • If you like emacs, you should give nano and vim a try. Nano is easier to use with less features. Vim is harder to use with more features. If you thought emacs had a steep learning curve, you really should try to save something in VIM without looking up how :-).

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