Opening a New Chapter

Entrepreneurs tend to be really good at thinking about their product, employees, VCs, term sheets, bottom-line’s and their someday-IPOs. Sometimes, they become so focused on those things that they forget to think about their customers. In the shuffle, customers (who make all the rest possible) are reduced to spreadsheets, or clicks, or eyes-on-page, or some amorphous herd of annoying questions. When customers are continually thought of in this light, it is nearly impossible to treat them as individuals who could love a company and become a volunteer sales force of evangelists.

I help companies love their customers. Or, to put it another way, I make it easier for customers to love their companies.


I am excited to begin sharing my experience in cultivating community engagement and customer care with companies who are looking for help developing strategies and processes to:

  • actively listen (and respond) to their customer
  • create engaging conversations with their customers
  • ensure their customers that they have an advocate in the company
  • determine the value of their customer engagement through metrics and goals
  • transform their customer service into a source of customer evangelism
  • discover, welcome and cultivate an active community of customers
  • improve their retention and growth through regular communication with their customers
  • adapt their product or service to address customer feedback and concerns

There are a few conversations I would really like to have right now:

  • If we have been BFFs forever, I could use your help getting the word out.
  • If something in this post catches your attention and gets your wheels spinning, I would love to hear what you are thinking.
  • If you know someone at a company who might be open to exploring community strategy or customer engagement, introduce us?





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