Sad Lesson of the Day

Today, Chris Brogan helped me learn a hard lesson:

Sarcasm is a powerful communication tool, possibly the most powerful.

Spending a lot of time in front of a computer is a waste of time. Coming up with something to say every day is such a waste. Making audio and video podcasts is tough, costs too much to do right, and who’s going to bother listening or watching anyway? Spending time on Facebook is stupid. It’s really just for college kids, and you’re creepy for being there. Why bother with Twitter? Like anyone wants to know what I ate for lunch yesterday. This is all a stupid fad, and we’re going to be laughing about it in a few years…

Chris is one of those bloggers whose posts are just the beginning — he’s as interested in the discussion in the comments as he is in sharing his thoughts (maybe even more so). That is to say, he always invokes a lot of comments. But this short sarcastic post, earned him the most comments in 1/2 hour on his blog.

I’m very happy for him, but I’m also troubled by the power of sarcasm. Especially since I’m trying to uncover the power of love. Maybe, to engage the culture more authentically, love will have to take a more sarcastic tone? Do people need a cynic to speak the truth, to evoke change, to challenge corruption?