Never Say Thanks

A friend in the community space asked me a great question this morning, and I realized I have never written about this.

Why do you say, “A community manager should never use the word, ‘thanks'”?

In my experience, when someone reaches out to a company, they are most often already in a place where they feel unheard or misunderstood. So, when they read your text based reply (where it is very difficult to express tone and emotion), their baseline assumption is that you will be dismissive or annoyed. So, in that context, it is almost impossible not to hear ‘thanks’ as “ugh, yeah, thanks a lot, whatever” but it is much harder to hear ‘thank you’ as anything but “I thank you for your question/idea/input”.

It might just be stupid semantics. But, it is one of those little rules I live by for the sake of the other.

Do you have any little rules like that?