Next Twitter Client

What I’m looking for in my next Twitter Client:

  • Ability to edit the sound for audio notification of new tweets. I want to make it distinguishable, unobtrusive, and not so ‘clever’.
  • Growl (or similar) notification. Again, the goal here it to be unobtrusive, but still give me a quick passive peek into what’s going on.
  • Allow me to create regexp filters. There are many times, when I want to simply filter out a sub-conversation I don’t want taking up mental bandwidth. It makes it harder to look through the trees. Generally, these will have short shelf-life. But there are a few that I would keep on all the time. i.e. “good morn.*” or “hello new.*” are not tweets I need to see.
  • Add a new sub-section for tweets beginning with @. Most twitter clients are great about having a special ‘place’ for direct messages and replies. Some hide them on their own page, others color the messages different in-line. I also want a simple way to toggle between viewing tweets which begin with ‘@’ so I can primarily see people’s original thoughts, and then choose to view ‘the conversation.’

What do you want from a twitter client?