Theological Education for Emerging Ministries

Since a few of you are asking, and others of you would be if you knew me and/or knew what is going on in my world; my hope (God willing) is to participate in a little thing called TEEM.

Theological Education for Emerging Ministries (TEEM) is a process by which the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America approves for the roster of ordained ministers those persons “who by reason of age and prior experience” (Constitution 7.31.14) are qualified to participate in an alternative program of preparation for ordination. It is for exceptional persons who are identified for ministry in a specific context and complete theological education (non-M.Div. degree) and candidacy requirements.

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Please be in prayer, that God will open doors if I can serve in this way, and that He will quickly close doors if I would beter serve Him and the church in a different way.