That’s Vweierd

So, I have this friend Riley right? And the other day, I was doing a google search for pages related to, which is the website I’m working on for the youth ministry where I am serving now as interim youth staff. (Why I was doing the search I don’t know, but that’s not the point.) And third on the list of pages related to wlcyouth[dot]org was, you guessed it, Messy Sainthood (which is Riley’s blog). And what’s crazy about that is that there are absolutely no links to Riley’s blog on that website. I can’t even think of anything about that page that would relate to Riley’s other than Christ. So, who knows.

Oh… wait… it gets better… Then yesterday I receive a request for my resume from Christ the Savior Lutheran Church in Fisher Indiana. Knowing that Riley lives in Indiana, I decide to tell him about it and see if he has heard of the place.

Riley lives in Fisher Indiana.