The sound of a cracking egg…

My mom writes:

Is that the sound of a cracking egg I hear up north? Seriously, when do you start working at CSP? Where is your nest / office / cubicle / work space? Is this an 8 to 5 M-F job? Do you get time off similar to Dad’s staff position (between Christmas and New Years, Thurs and Fri of Thanksgiving, Thurs and Fri of Spring Break, Good Friday, etc.)? Do you get health benefits? Is Jason your boss? What is your job description? Do you wish I would quit asking questions?

I started working at CSP last monday, the 16th. My position is full-time with benefits, though it is hourly, which means I don’t have to work more than 40hrs/wk. In fact, they won’t let me work more than 40hrs/wk. Which is more than I can say for some of my colleagues. No, Jason is not my boss. I do, however, get to work with him often. I answer directly to his boss and work with the other two coordinators on special projects in areas related to instructional technology, IT support, networking, IP telephony, project management, and general streamlining of tasks. One of my official skill-sets that I unofficially(?) bring to the position is looking for new and better ways to do old and new things.

I’m not yet sure what kind of time off I have, or what exactly my benefits entail. I’ll find out more about all those questions on Monday when I meet with HR.