Times are a Changin (take 2)

I know that I make insanity look easy, but don’t be fooled. It’s hard being this out of control of one’s life. If you’re keeping track (or making bets) I’m supposed to be in Dallas looking for a job right now. However, on Wednesday morning I got a call from my wife that messed things up all over again. She got in touch with her advisor at OHSCO to find out about any opportunities for ministry in the DFW area. Come to find out, there might be an internship available at Fisher of Men in Sugarland, planting a church.

The internship would begin in January and Kim is going to take a couple classes until then, which means I am headed back up to Minnesota. We will live on campus and work our butts off paying bills and gettin more smarter. (See, it’s working already).

To the Minnesota friends I have said goodbye to: guess what… you didn’t get rid of me as easily as you thought. And to my awesome friends in Dallas: it’s been great this week and I look forward to connecting with you again someday. It just won’t be next week.

Let the craziness commence.






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