Watching: Customer Service is the New Marketing

Learn how smart organizations are turning customer service from just a cost center into an engine for building culture and creating evangelists.

[ via Customer Service is the New Marketing / February 4, 2008 / San Francisco, CA ]

To whom it may concern,
Please send me to this conference. These are the thoughts I have been thinking, and these are the other people who are thinking these same thoughts. It would be great to connect and learn. If you are not going to send me to this conference, then please learn what this conference is about. This is the future. Stop wasting your money on advertising, and start investing in your customers.

Thomas Knoll

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For many years now I have responded to my co-worker’s, “What computer should I buy?” (they seem to think us IS guys know something about PCs) with this stock answer: When, not if, you PC needs support who offers the best Customer Service?

Pa, so true! I have had problems with several of my macs, and ipods, and airport express. Everytime, I take it in to the apple store, tell them what’s wrong, and they hand me a new one, or fix it in a matter of days. That’s worth a few extra $ to me.

I’m always amazed when I receive poor customer service from a company. It just doesn’t even make sense. To extend my previous example. It makes no sense to me that Apple is charging their iPodTouch customers $20 to upgrade their firmware. Inexcusable.

I agree that Apple customer service has been great. However, I think they are outgrowing their tiny stores in Minnesota. I walked in a few minutes late to a Genius Bar appointment the other night, and they had so many people back logged they couldn’t even squeeze me in. You go late to a Dr. appointment, and they squeeze you in. You go late to a dentist appointment and they squeeze you in. Seems a little crazy that I was told to come back another time.

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