Grandfather Paradox

I do not care much for science-fiction.

But, I have recently discovered that I deeply appreciate the fiction writings of futurists who use fiction to explore what happens when we “play out” some of the current ideas and patterns 20, 60, 200 years into the future.

I appreciate what Warren Ellis, Peter Watts, and Dan Hon are up to.

Who else should I be giving some attention to?

[ photo via Scientific American ]

Stretch or Relax


I read things to learn and grow. It is nice when reading is fun. It is also important when reading is challenging and I flex my focus muscles.

I also want to create more simplicity and focus in my life, so I am hitting the unsubscribe link quite often. It is easy to stay subscribed to the authors talking about the things already like and know. It is also easy to unsubscribe from the authors taking about things I do not know enough about and do not really enjoy.

Sometimes, the more important thing is to double down on stretching and exercising.

passion and focus

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Read more of David Welsford’s story and watch the 8 minute documentary at twentyeightfeet.com

This film struck me in a number of ways:

  • All of us deserve to pursue our passions in life, wherever they take us. And we might not even know the destination yet.
  • Focus is dynamic. I don’t know about you, but I tend to always think of focus, as “staying” focused on a specific thing. But, watching this film, there is a nice reminder that in cinematography and in life, focus is dynamic. Yes, sometimes focus is about a sharp focus on a small thing. But, sometimes focus is also zooming out and focusing on the horizon and the “whole picture”. And, within a matter of seconds, our focus can shift to different things. Storytelling… even life… is about shifting our focus on what is most important.
  • I cannot wait to go sailing. This is something that Kim and I have both talked about for years and years as a desire. But, we have not explored it yet. How can we have a passion that we continue to leave unexplored?
  • Appreciate the little things.
  • I, too, like to build forts.

passive interconnected awareness


Recently, I have been in the habit of leaving tweetping running on my second monitor when I’m working late at night. There is something beautiful about seeing the rest of the world in motion, and knowing that while I sit at my little desk alone, there are millions of other people out there sharing their lives on twitter.

Sometimes I throw up a twitch.tv feed on mute. Again, real people… tens of thousands of them all participating in this thing we call life.

What are you doing right now?

Am I wasting time working on company culture?

One of the things we spend a lot of time and energy on at Primeloop is our culture.

Even though I’ve seen the effects of bad culture, from the inside, more than once… even though I love the culture we have at Primeloop… even though I have mentored and advised dozens of companies who are infected and plagued with bad culture… it is still scary to invest in culture.

As a founder, trying to reach escape velocity and do the alchemy of converting a startup into a business, the fear still creeps into my mind, “are we wasting precious time and energy on our culture?”

The answer is no. But it is a hard won no.

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