Hi, I’m Thomas Knoll

I started building online communities in 1996 and was the Community Architect at Zappos.com. I worked for several startups with exits and then built five of my own with two exits, multiple failures, and a multitude of lessons learned. I mentor hundreds of founders through Techstars, 500 Global, and other entrepreneur communities. I have lived through all the ups and downs and know first-hand how much more valuable stories and introductions are than advice.

Now, through YourSecondCall.com, I am dedicating the rest of my life to helping entrepreneurs navigate the challenging and exhilarating path of creating something from nothing while convincing others to get on board.

While I have a technical background, I prefer to speak in gardening and architecture metaphors. I am inspired by storytelling, psychology, evangelism, architectural theory, social economics, game mechanics, cultural anthropology, compassion, and ants. Yes, ants.

Oh, and I fall in love with almost everyone I meet.