Hi, I’m Thomas Knoll

I am a 6x founder, with the experience of 2x exits and 1000x failures.

I guide leaders facing big transitions into a space where they can face their fears and transform their teams. My clients say it is like psychedelics without the medicine or the downtime. But the invoices say, “executive coaching.”

I started building online communities in 1996 and was the Community Architect at Zappos.com. After working for multiple startups with exits I tried building five of my own. That led to two exits, multiple failures, and several lifetimes of lessons learned.

I have mentored more than 1000 founders and leaders through Techstars, 500Global, SXSW, Revelry, Hatchet Ventures, Gener8or, BETA.MN, and a handful of other entrepreneur organizations. And I’ve been able to work with over 300 founders and leaders for 3+ months.

My Ikigai is guiding people through Self Healing Leadership – a practice designed to help leaders recognize the thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that create resistance in their decisions, conversations, and actions; heal and reintegrate what holds them back or what they are holding back; and lead from their truest Self.

Accomplishing that mission has taken on a few forms:

  1. ☎️ I hold 1:1 sessions with my private coaching clients
  2. 🏕️ I host a community of Self Healing Leaders who look inside themselves to change the way they lead others
  3. 🕚 I am in the early stages of spinning out a product/company to make 1:1s massively more valuable and to help leaders grow their impact.

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Oh, and I fall in love with almost everyone I meet.