What I am Doing Now

This is a ‘now’ page, inspired by Derek Sivers. This should give you (and even me!) the most straight forward glimpse into what I am working on and what is most important to me right now. Last updated November 28th, 2022 from White Bear Lake, MN.

Enjoying Fall with my family

I have lived in a lot of other beautiful places, but none have the fullness of all four seasons as Minnesota. Fall is slowly becoming winter, the cider is flowing, my flannel is on. Catch me outside on a walking meeting or playing with the boys in the yard while we enjoy a fire.

Looking for the right people to bring in to Revelry

Revelry provides custom software services, operates a venture studio where we spin out companies we build ourselves, and invests in startups at the earliest stage. I am actively hunting for a few very specific roles to help us grow:

  • Head of Revenue to lead sales and marketing for our services org
  • Multiple Founder In Residence candidates to evaluate opportunities and then take on a co-founder and CEO role in one of our spinout companies

If you or someone you know would be a great fit, please let me know!

Mentoring/Advising Founders

I hold space for mentoring and advising founders of early-stage startups through Revelry Venture Partners, Techstars, and 500 Startups. Nothing feeds me more than hopping on a call with founders to talk through their hopes and fears and what might unblock the next stage in their growth.

Experimenting and Learning

I constantly test new products and explore new ideas. Sometimes that makes me an early adopter to things that become mainstream. Often it means I get to learn from failure exponentially faster than 90%+ of folks. Either way, I win. So I keep dancing on the fringe. Some of the things I am exploring now:

  • HumansAnon – Anonymous Audio Spaces for Mental Health
  • Internal Family Systems – Self Leadership + Parts Work
  • stealth – share and respond to specific requests for help
  • stealth – E2EE chat spaces for communities of interest
  • The latest migration out of walled gardens and into the open fediverse

If you wanna discuss any of these, come say hi!