This is a ‘now’ page, inspired by Derek Sivers. It should tell you (and remind me) where my energy and attention are focused right now. This page was last updated August 29th, 2023 from White Bear Lake, MN.

Soaking up the final rays of Summer

I cannot believe that another summer is quickly coming to an end. Pumpkin spice everything is everywhere. And the Great Minnesota Get Together (AKA best State Fair in the nation, fight me) is in full swing. We are super fortunate to live by a wonderful lake, and should spend as much time as we can in the water before all the leaves fall of the trees. I try to build my calendar around a loose mental algorithm called “optimize for time outside near water.” It mostly works.

Building and Growing

This has been a wild summer for YourSecondCall. I have been working with some absolutely lovely and inspiring clients, dialing in the new coaching platform that launches soon, and prepping the business for growth.

Sidebar: I have noticed a lot of coach types poo-poo-ing on “trading dollars for hours” instead campaigning for scale through books and courses and massive group coaching packages built for “financial freedom.” And that’s fine for them. But, meanwhile I have deepened my own personal conviction toward optimizing YourSecondCall in a way that protects 75% of my available time for direct interactions with individuals or very small groups. ANYTHING I do that scales beyond face-time can’t get bigger than 25%

With that in mind, I have been building toward and launching some new “outposts” to be the foundation of a growth strategy. These include the Parts Work Newsletter, an event series called “Parts Work – Open Circles,” and one other thing I’m not ready to announce yet, but will share soon.

#givefirst Volunteer Mentor Hours

Since 2011, I have been holding mentor hours for startup founders through Techstars, 500 Global, Hatchet Ventures, and a few other communities. Nothing fills my cup faster than hopping on a call with a founder (especially a first time founder… especially a global majority or otherwise underrepresented first time founder…) to talk through their hopes and fears and what might unblock the next stage in their growth.

Saying No

So, other than Quality Time with the family, volunteering to support founders, and building a business that lets me spend at least 75% of my time unburdening founders and leaders, I am slowly but surely learning how to say “No.”

What Am I thinking About

This section was inspired by a recent letter from Zvi Band where he shared, “Richard Feynman had this idea of always carrying around a number of problems you’re thinking about, to help hone what you read, think about, and discuss with others.”

  • What happens next after all medias are flooded with AI content?
  • What are more inclusive, acceptable, and adaptable ways to talk about psychological-safely-in-the-workplace?
  • Should we buy a local Thai restaurant?
  • Can I say no more?
  • Who do I love and who loves me?

If you would like to discuss anything mentioned here, please come say hi