This is a ‘now’ page, inspired by Derek Sivers. It tells you (and me) where my energy and attention are focused right now. This page was last updated March 20, 2023 from White Bear Lake, MN.

Dreaming with my wife

Right now through the beginning of April I am spending a lot of extra time with my wife dreaming about the future and laying a foundation to build on for this next phase of our life.

Unburdening Entrepreneurs

At the beginning of 2023, I transitioned out of my COO role because (a) the person I had been ramping up was fully prepared to take over and (b) I needed to shift the majority of my time and energy back onto directly supporting entrepreneurs.

Someday soon I will have more words to describe the work we do together. For now I will simply say that the focus is on helping leaders release all the extra weight they carry so they feel lighter, more creative, and more confident as they move through decisions and conversations.

Please feel free to ask me about it.

HOlding Space for founders

I mentor founders of early-stage companies through Techstars, 500 Global, and other support communities. Nothing fills up my cup faster than hopping on a call with a founder to talk through their hopes and fears and what might unblock the next stage in their growth.

Experimenting and Learning

I love to test new ideas. Some of the things I am exploring right now:

  • FounderPledge – a commitment to take an active role in encouraging mental healthcare for founders and the greater startup community
  • BEERMKR – Automated Countertop Craft Beer Brewing
  • hānai – how might we stay more connected to our “chosen family”?
  • The latest migration out of walled gardens and into the open fediverse

If you wanna discuss any of these, come say hi!