What I am Doing Now

This is a ‘now’ page, inspired by Derek Sivers.
Last updated January 25th, 2023 from White Bear Lake, MN.

Staying Warm

By mid January, we already had more snow in White Bear Lake than in the previous 12 years combined. And it’s still coming! When we aren’t outside building fires and playing in the snow, Kim the kids and I oscillate between enjoying wild indoor games and trying not to kill each other. It seems like dancing in the kitchen to way-too-loud music seems to be the best way to get a lot of energy out without quite as many collisions.

HOlding Space for Founders

I hold free mentor calls with founders of early-stage companies through Revelry Venture Partners, Techstars, and 500 Global. Nothing refills my cup faster than hopping on a call with a founder to talk through their hopes and fears and what might unblock the next stage in their growth.

Building Founder Outcomes at RVP

In early January I finally officially gave my job away to the person I had been developing for the role. That freed me up to spend that majority of my time supporting the leaders and founders of our entire portfolio of companies.

Between executive coaching sessions, I am building out a Founder Toolbox (templates, fundraising tools/data/support, access to mentor network, etc) to help amplify our founder outcomes.

Experimenting and Learning

I constantly test new products and explore new ideas. Sometimes that makes me an early adopter to things that become mainstream. Often it means I get to learn from failure exponentially faster than 90%+ of folks. Either way, I win. So I keep dancing on the fringe.

Some of the things I am testing right now:

  • HumansAnon – Anonymous audio spaces for mental health
  • Wavelength – E2EE chat spaces for communities of interest
  • stealth – share and respond to specific requests for help
  • The latest migration out of walled gardens and into the open fediverse

If you wanna discuss any of these, come say hi!