The Broken-Heart Manifesto

Right now, look around.
Find someone’s face.
Meditate on their hopes and their pain.
Take those on and make them your own.

Did you feel that?
Did you feel your heart break?

With whatever you have been given,
bring healing to their pain and give life to their hopes.

  • Love hurts.
  • Broken hearts heal.
  • Institutions do not love, people do.
  • No one else will love for me.
  • I cannot break my own heart; only after I allow someone into my heart can it be broken.
  • I will love my neighbor.
  • I will love my enemies.
  • I must feel loved myself to sustainably love others.
  • I cannot love everyone, but We can love everyone.
  • We can plan and share virtually and globally, but we must love physically and locally.