No Church? No Problem

I just ran across No Church? No Problem on Christianity Today Magazine. Kevin Miller reviews George Barna’s new book, REVOLUTION: Finding Vibrant Faith Beyond the Walls of the Sanctuary.

Unlike the Great Awakenings, which brought people into the church, this new movement “entails drawing people away from reliance upon a local church into a deeper connection with and reliance upon God.” Already “millions of believers have stopped going to church,” so Barna expects that in 20 years “only about one-third of the population will rely upon a local congregation as the primary or exclusive means for experiencing and expressing their faith.” Down will go the number of churches, donations to churches, and the cultural influence of churches.

1. Is it necessary for the local church to have walls?
2. What do we lose by not having a building?
3. How can the established church minister to the two thirds of the population who will probably never ‘join’ a congregation?