Do you want to hear about how and why Primeloop has a Conversation Strategy?

Everyone[1] knows about Content Calendars. Should I write about how we created a Conversation Strategy?

Short story: we love content at Primeloop as much as anyone. But, we are even more interested in having great conversations. So, we’ve built a very intentional strategy and calendar to make sure we are having enough great conversations each day.

Sadly, it is one of those things that can far too easily get buried under a pile of “very important tasks” required to build a great business, ship a great product, and support our inspiring customers. Most businesses would just let it keep falling off the priority list. We simply are not willing to let that happen.

Yeah, so back the question. Anyone interested in hearing more about how we make sure to keep these conversations front and center?

[1] yeah, ok, not everyone.