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Hey Adam, Zach, Kim, & Michael!

Just ran across this post, and it made me curious to hear your quick thoughts:

Last Friday, I wrote here on the “uselessness of economic development.” Using The New York Times’s new database on state and local economic development incentives, I found no association between these incentives and key measures of economic performance and found virtually no association for the fifty states.

/via Richard Florida

Obviously, ‘correlation does not mean causation’, and this is state level data which does not take into account local community incentives, *and* quite a bit of what we are trying to do downtown doesn’t really count as ‘incentives’… but, I wonder if there aren’t a few things we can learn from this meta-patern.


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Specifically, how can we best incentivize and accelerate the growth of the downtown community, without building a culture that expects hand outs.

Curious, TK.