our new publishing house

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I offered to write a book for Emergent™. They laughed, because I don’t have a platform. It takes a whole lot of promotion and potential buyers to get a traditionally published book to “tip”, and make a profit. So, I understand.

But I did find out that they get about 6 book proposals a day. Of course no publishing house is going to take those on and even attempt to publish them. But we live in the era of the longtail. There is more value in the thousands of unpublished stories of life in the fringes, than a hundred published works by those with a platform.

The Idea

If I can figure out how to track any of these people down, I will invite them to write their book publicly on a site based on a wiki. It will encourage collaboration and community feed back. And when it’s “done”, we’ll publish via lulu.

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