say my name, say my name

I saw this float down my screen today, and it struck a nerve, because I have the same problem:

Picture 2.png

At least 12 times yesterday someone asked me, “Do you know [name]?” or, “I was talking to [name] earlier, you know them right?” I had to shrug my shoulders and timidly reply, “I think so?” or, “They sound really familiar…?”. Only to discover five minutes later–once we got into the story a little further–that I *totally* know that person.”

I’m not OK with this.

The why is most easily summed up in Dale Carnegie’s words:

“Remember that a person’s name is to them the sweetest and most important sound in any language.”

The sound! It really does go that deep. As in, chemicals are released into your body when you hear your name. (I have a whole deeper level of thoughts about this. If you are interested, please ask.)

The how is a little more difficult. Even though there are about 170,000,000 results for “how to remember names”, the tricks haven’t helped much so far. But, @chrisbrogan is going to kick my ass if I make any excuses. So, it’s time to own this weakness.

Here is where I could use your help: I am not interested in a tip, or a list of tips. (I could read google results for 37.4 days to get those). But, if you could tell me a story about your own mini or major breakthrough with names, I truly believe that will help etch the skill into my mind. (Another one of those ‘whole deeper level of thoughts’ thing you can ask me about, if you want.)

When did you have a remembering-names-breakthrough?