Trends & Predictions for 2008

I participate in a meetup group called likemind, who gather to think and share. This month we are sharing our predictions for 2008. I think people are going to make a come-back.

  • face-to-face conversations
  • planned meetups
  • impromptu metups
  • migration of independent workers from home/coffee-fi to jelly, coworking, and shared offices
  • live video w/online chat will win over produced vcast

I could be wrong, but I see 2008 being about the people. Tech for tech’s sake is going to struggle to stay viable. If it doesn’t help people connect, they’re gonna start ignoring it, and focus on the tools that help them interact with real people–not keep them away from real people.

Join us, and let us know what your predictions for 2008 are.