3 years

Three years ago, on a beautiful fall day, I married an amazing girl. We were both about half way through college (she’s finished, I haven’t) and “way too young.” We have shared both hard times and good, sickness and health, and everything in between. Marriage is not easy, but it is wonderful.

We don’t choose our families, but we are stuck with them for life. We do choose our friends, but can lose them over the most trivial of disagreements. But marriage… that’s a whole different experience. We do choose our spouse, and hopefully are committed to them for life.

I am blessed to have my best friend as a spouse. I am blessed to have my own, and to have married into such wonderful families. I am blessed to have friends which have supported me and Kim through all of our trivial (and not so trivial) disagreements. I am blessed to know so much love.

My favorite quote from any move (or otherwise) comes from Moulin Rouge:
“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn, is just to love, and be loved in return.”

I have never learned as much about life as I have in marriage. There is neither room nor time to list the many lessons I have learned over these last three years, but I will tell you this… I believe most marriages that fail these days fail for many reasons, but just one cause: Focusing more on being loved in return than on loving.

Kimberly, forgive me for the times I have loved myself more than you. Please forgive me for the many times I have waited for your love rather than loving on you. Angel, give me another chance. I love you… more than you know.

If love were a currency, may you never go poor.
If love were a lesson, may you be Lady Wisdom.
If love were a fire, may you never be cold.
If love is my heart, take it… it is yours.






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