Hey Dwight, Read this off of alancreech’s page today.
“I mean, feelings are fine and good. They’re a part of who and what we are, so we shouldn’t consider them illegitimate. But we need to be aware of their origins, of their sometimes deceitful nature, of their fickleness. I mean, for God’s sake, they are to a great deal wrapped together with our physical hormone levels – what the heck!? UP, down, all around. Good, bad, we don’t know. We’ve got to just keep on going and doing whether we feel something or not. If we do not, we will have been taken captive by something which is NOT “…the same, yesterday, today, and forever…””
And I agree, that we (as Christians) must be willing to keep going even when we don’t feel anything… but that doesn’t change the way non-Christians experience worship. I think that if Jesus was willing to touch the lost while he was here, maybe we should be too… He didn’t just preach to the crowds, he also walked amongst them, healed them, and fed them.






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