I’m freaking out. I’m soaking up so much stuff right now that I’m getting water logged. I’ve had some awesome discussions on postmodern_theology yahoogroup. I would drop some on here, but I don’t really have the permission of the other parties involved. (maybe I’ll see if they mind?) Meanwhile, the postmodern_theology blog*spot has some of the same people’s thoughts listed out.

The part that is frustrating is that I don’t get to post as much on here as I would like to, because there are to many thoughts going by too fast… maybe I’ll get better with some more practice.

This weekend is our choir concert, so we’re spending several hours a night in rehearsal for a show on Saturday night and two on Sunday. Add on top of that all the homework that is supposed to be due this week because it is the end of the semester, and it’s just a messy situation. But God is good and loves me anyway.






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