This is a thought I had in my discussions on Postmodern_Theology, but I thought I would throw it on here for fun:

Our stories can find even more meaning when we talk
about a God who is not only pre-history, but also
pre-His-Story. His relationship with us begins even
before the Biblical Story began. And as His redeemed
people, we are given eternal life. Maybe that eternity
doesn’t begin at the moment of human conception, or
the moment of ‘salvation’ but begins at eternity and
continues till the same. So maybe our story isn’t like
a ray that begins at point A and continues into
infinity. And maybe it’s not even a point which
becomes an infinite line… Maybe it is our point of
life being grafted into a whole new eternal plane
which connects us to the eternal story…
wow, I gotta stop for now.






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