Better than church?

What does it mean when church doesn’t even do church right? I really enjoy Dashboard Confessional’s music, so don’t think I’m doggin on Carrabba… It just pisses me off that an emo/acoustic/punk band does a better job at getting people involved in ‘worship’ better than the church. And maybe my fear to ask the question, “What are they worshiping?”

Group singing only happens a few places in our culture?the National anthem, in church and around a campfire. So what?s the deal with Dashboard Confessional?

I?ve been intrigued by reports of Dashboard Confessional?s concert sing-along phenomenon for some time now, but I?ve never had the chance to experience it. Dashboard?s latest CD/DVD offering MTV Unplugged v2.0, puts you right there in the middle of Carrabba?s songs and the connection they make with his audience?a connection that makes listeners sing passionately in public and in unison. On this CD/DVD, Chris Carrabba and his band mates put out an excellent performance that at times is overshadowed by the audience?s stellar vocal work.






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