89.3 The Current

Though Julie might be a little upset with me I really, really enjoy the new MPR radio station 89.3 The Current. I mean, they are playing some really great stuff.

I really want Apple to get the aacPro codec implemented though so I can use iTunes to play stream. And I’m looking forward to the tracklist stream so that I can track what I’m listening to in audioscrobbler and last.fm.






4 responses to “89.3 The Current”

  1. dwight Avatar

    I’ve got like 1500 songs qued to report in iscrobbler… is your’s working?

  2. tk Avatar

    I think so… I’m uploading from iTunes in windows and Winamp in Windows… because shamefully I still cannot use my mac.

  3. JulieVW Avatar

    “Really really enjoy”??
    I suppose that’s better than “Loving” it, but couldn’t you just “sort-of” like it? (After all, you’ve only known this station for two days – that’s hardly enough time to get to the “really really enjoy” stage!)

    Profound observations /extenstive editorals are forthcoming. (Consider yourself warned!)

  4. tk Avatar

    yeah, I hear ya, but no. In, fact… I almost love it.

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