I just finished my final paper for Lutheran Confessional Heritage. I was supposed to write on a topic, using the Book of Concord as my primary (preferably only) source.

You can read my paper on writely, and comment here.

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  1. tk Avatar

    I personally have more to say on the topic, but that is what the confessions themselves have to say.

  2. […] I had to write a paper for one of my classes on a topic that could be completely covered by the Lutheran Confessions (Book of Concord), without any other sources necessary.You can read my paper on writely, and comment on my blogI will have more to say personally, but this was a neat exploration into what the Lutheran Confessions themselves have to say on the topic. […]

  3. Damian Shorten Avatar

    Hi, I’m really interested in learning more about the Confessional Lutheran perspective on monasticism. The above link no longer works, as one would expect, but I was wondering is there any other way to access your paper?


    1. thomasknoll Avatar

      hmm, yeah, I don’t even think I have a copy of it any more. =(

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