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Just posted this thought in a discussion about TEEM LifeCast:

I would like to get to the point where we have some tools hosted elsewhere. At this point, I think Facebook still holds the highest usability to cost ratio. I would love to see if we get enough energy generated here to spin off into a separate site.

I think “emerging ministry” is a rather self-proclaimed title/tag. And, while I have no intentions of being exclusive, I do want to have a very specific focus to this group so that the purpose is easy to parse. As far as emerging churches sharing their stories of emergence, the Emergent(tm) crew has developed a wonderful place for that to happen => http://emergentvillage.org

My question, in particular, is how can the the larger ELCA organization be encouraged to pursue new forms of ministry preparation and support emerging forms of ministry? And how can we tell that particular story?

(If you need help figuring out how to get setup with facebook, let me know.)

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