All Night Long

Pulled an all nighter last night. I was up so I did homework until now, today. I got a lot of greek done, so I’m glad I did it, but I’m sure I’ll be sorry later. Ah, to be a college student.

I keep a moleskine with me and jot all kinds of thoughts into it through out the day. Since I am sans-palm right now, the moleskine has become a kind of one-way organizer. (If you can hook me up with a PDA I would be forever grateful. And I would even return the favor once I’m working again…) Anyway, I have been debating whether or not to dump my moleskine onto my blog or not. I want to archive all these thoughts, but I don’t know that others would enjoy wading through them. But, it is my blog after all, and I’m not exactly writing for money or to please a market share.

Ok, I’ve convinced myself… welcome to the mo’messy version of .:dydimustk:.






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