And I was just starting to like the guy

Luther on the Liturgy of Hours:

Now that [pastors and preachers] are free from the useless, bothersome babbling of the seven hours, it would be much better if morning, noon, and night they would instead read a page or two from the catechism, the Prayer Book, the New Testament, or some other passage from the Bible, and would pray the Lord’s Prayer for themselves and their parishoners.

By the way, I have been using the Liturgy of the Hours lately.

But then he goes on to say,

And should we so flippantly despise such might, benefits, power, and fruit–especially we who want to be pastors and preachers? If so, we deserve not only to be given no food to eat, but also to have the dogs set upon us an to be pelted with horse manure.

How can you stay mad at someone as cute as that?






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