I am copying my ooze post here:


ChangeThis is aiming to disrupt the media pattern with powerful, rational arguments from leading thinkers. We know that we deserve better than what we’ve got. We know there’s a thoughtful, caring, rational human inside every one of us. We’re working with the brightest minds we can find. And we believe that bloggers are crucial to changing the tone of our collective dialogue.

Does anyone want to help me write a manifesto for ChangeThis? If this next statement gets you excited and gets your mind and spirit pumping, drop me a note:

“A true revolution involves giving up ones own life rather than the taking of others.”

I think this has huge implications for the church just internally, but I believe it can also have a huge impact on the world. I remember singing a song in Sunday School that says, “They will know we are Christians by our love.” I don’t believe that to be the way the world views Christians these days, but if we step out of our buildings, and out of our web chats, and off our rant-horses and start giving our lives to the world around us, that song might soon be sung by people outside the church.






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