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Some of my favorite words are transparency, honesty, sincerity, genuineness, and authenticity. I love being the community manager for Seesmic, because I get to live these words everyday in my job.

One of our users, sean808080, recently took notice of the way we like to interact with our community in his post entitled, “Seesmic – Raising the Bar “:

What is most interesting for Seesmic’s “users” is not so much the technical hurdles in doing video seamlessly but rather how Seesmic has chosen to interact with it’s customers.

[…] when was the last time you ever saw a company’s executives interacting with users face to face and asking for questions?

A better question to ask: why aren’t more key players at a company made available to users to interact this way? Why have we endured the ‘wizard of oz’ schtick from companies that do not have the capital or chops to play it?

We’re starting a new conversation thread with this very type of conversation in mind:

What other companies have you had great conversations with?





3 responses to “Ask Seesmic”

  1. sean808080 Avatar

    in addition to seesmic?

    other than that it’s pretty slim pickins so far! i expect the list will grow as the methods become more readily understood.

  2. Mike Bruder Avatar

    I can’t think of any companies directly that interact this way, but get me some more Seesmic invites, and I’ll hand them out at CSP and maybe we could start responding to people via Seesmic.

    Seesmic could become the de facto platform for quality customer support via video.

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