be part of folk’s lives in a meaniful way

“Ok, but, enough about me…. lets talk about what you think about me.”

Every time I hear a company, agency, or “social media guru” talk about getting something to go viral, I puke in my mouth. Just a little bit. (I won’t even get into the downside of being a virus right now.) I just wish more of these folks would use their energy and creativity to focus on being meaningful in the lives of the people they want to reach, by providing value to them.

“If there’s a formula, then you’re doing it wrong,” Glover says. “It really is a social dynamic, being part of folks’ lives in a meaningful way.”

[ via Funny or Die Relies on Social Networks and Wit in Winging Its Success | Fast Company ]

Bonus thought: The easiest way to get someone to like you, is to be interested in them.





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