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Grandpa's Tools
Grandpa’s tools

“In a world where software is going to shape pretty much every industry, whether it’s healthcare, whether it’s retail, whether it’s education, public sector, then the most important thing is, let’s make software developers very productive.”

Satya Nadella, CEO Microsoft

Despite the pandemic, due to luck and privilege, I still get to work on exactly the thing I love the most: helping people build their ideas and their teams. This world has changed, and I don’t believe (for better and for worse) that it will ever go back to what it was before. We cannot wait for things to get better, we need to create what we want it to become. That is all I know how to do. I’m not really good at anything else.

I would love it if you would tell me:
1. What you are good at
2. What you need
3. What you want to create

Because, I would like to try and help connect the dots.






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