Can you help me help a few brands?

Hi friends,

We’ve decided to really focus in on brands who have online conversions (e-commerce/SaaS/Apps) right now, and describe things as, “With Primeloop, you can finally stop guessing about the value of your PR and social conversations.” I am actually trying to find few more marquis customers right now before our demo day on May 8th. So…

If you know of someone I could setup in the next week or so, that would be amazing.

Once people signup through they connect their Google Analytics account to Primeloop, and we start showing dollar signs and conversion rates beside all your media and social conversations. We can also help you run a remarketing campaign against all the people who are engaging with your social shares. We call it ReTargeted Conversations. And, it is really interesting, because you don’t have to drive people to your homepage before they start seeing ads for your company.

Any suggestions?





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