Like all of you, I am a complex personality with many facets of interest and activity. In an attempt to bring clarity to my interests, I am fracturing my writing into a few major categories. This way people who are more interested in particular aspects of my personality can limit their attention.

My wife loves me dearly, but I risk losing even her readership every time I post something extremely geeky. You probably love me less then her. So I run an even greater risk with you.

Additionally, even my writing is fractured. I have posts here, there, and everywhere. Keeping all of my thoughts organized these days is a larger process than writing one blog anyway. So, for any of you who are interested, I’ll be maintaining one large repository of everything I write at You can even grab one big meta feed if you’re one of the few crazy people who want to read everything.

Here’s a map to help you find your way through all this mess:






2 responses to “clarity”

  1. Jon Bohlinger Avatar

    Hey TK, are you going to be publishing a single artist/apostle/blog RSS feed that does not include Twitter and Flickr, or am I going to have to roll that myself?

  2. dydimustk Avatar

    The main categories (not including blog) will have a single joint feed. But, if you want to pick and choose certain feeds, you’ll probably want to roll your own.

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