Sorry about the crazy messed up commenting over the last week or so. Don’t worry, I wasn’t trying to ban you from my site on purpose. And yes, I do like you. I just get about 200 comment spam messages everyday and so the great filter plugin I use is very helpful… except when I leave a blank line in the filter list, which by definition blocks any comment that contains the word . Did you catch that? It was a space. Well, my spam filter catches it. So any of you who had a space in your comment over the last week were treated as pr0nogrphers who play poker and sell houses. Glad to have you back… I thought I was a loser or something.






6 responses to “Commenting”

  1. dwight Avatar

    just because we are back, doesn’t mean you aren’t a loser…

  2. One Soul Avatar

    Glad to be back in the network!

  3. Steve Dustcircle Avatar

    Yea, so…I thought you were locking just me out. I felt like I was back at home with my dad. Just kidding.

    Is the EmergingLeadersNetwork your site? I dig the layout. I might have some ideas and stuffs. Also, thinking of starting a Hard-Copy magazine, similar to the vision of Ooze, but more applicable for hard copy publication. Also, copyright laws will be leniate, for the sake of spreading the msg’s/columns….

  4. tk Avatar

    Hey Steve — I’m not your dad. Just so you know. And I’m developing the ELN web site, but the group is much larger than myself. I just jumped on their train a little while back and said I could design a web site/community that would assist in their mission. But yeah, I’d love to hear your ideas. And the magazine sounds really awesome!! Would love to hear more about that.

  5. Kimberly Avatar

    otay…time to write a new post!

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