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From missionThink:

Tis the Season

Amount the average American will spend on Christmas presents this year (not including food, decoration, and travel expenses): $730 (according to Gallup)

Per capita income of someone in Sierra Leone or Somalia: $500

So, while Americans spend a total of over $200 Billion on Christmas shopping, think about how far $200 Billion would go towards meeting real needs.

Merry Chistmas.






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  1. timsamoff Avatar

    Dude. Don’t post such convicting stuff. It, like, ruins my holiday spirit and stuff!


  2. dwight Avatar

    I wonder what percentage of that IS going towards real needs… Places like get most of their money around this time of year…

  3. tk Avatar

    Even $0.75 on the Dollar would be 150 Billion dollars used on actual NEEDS.

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