Don’t Break the Chain

Still working on my goal to Develop a Writing Habit

Today’s inspiration is,

We have to get this idea established up front: you need to write every day. The whole concept behind Lift is that of building habits. We know we’ve built a habit when it isn’t hard any more, when it’s more or less second nature (in this case, writing). Check out the link for a brief explanation about the power of not breaking the chain, a tool attributed to Jerry Seinfeld:

photo via Chris Durham

This the point in the journey where I simply have to start writing. Every day. My goal isn’t to be make more gooder at grammers, get published, or amaze people with my brilliance. The goal is simply to write. (Hopefully I will learn a thing or two along the way though.)

I am sad that there will be internet people who might decide to graciously point out all my badness. But, not my probably YMMV YOLO ETC.

I never actually set any word count goals yet, so I suppose I could wrap this up anytime. For now I might. And, as time goes by, I’ll start exploring more (and less) structure.

p.s. Have any of you done something similar before? Creating a chain of events that goes unbroken? How’d it turn out?





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