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For my non-startup friends and family, who want a peek into the startup-founder life,

Current status:
Sitting at a cheap IKEA desk, in a cheap IKEA chair, on a piece of cardboard for a rug, in a room in Oakland with no other furniture besides an inflatable mattress. (p.s. my wife of 11 years will be moving out here soon. Fortunately for her, she doesn’t have to put up with my decor. Unfortunately for me, I don’t have her here with me to share in my joys and pains.) The fridge is empty, except for a couple left over PBRs and some tortillas.

Our webhost decided to just go-down, so I’m talking to a ton of our customers over email and twitter about why their sites don’t work right now. And, I’m chatting with my team on sms, GroupMe, HipChat, and e-mail.

We have a shared doc open in Google, writing a plan to resolve this solution in a way that hopefully prevents our customers from experiencing this kind of downtime again, even if things happen outside of our control.

Meanwhile, between the chats and email, I am still trying to get product notes out of my head and documented so our contractors and other team members can work on the next version of our site. (The future of our business is still very important, even while the present is blowing up.) And, I am also jotting down notes about our market sizing research we are doing right now–not because I need another distraction, but simply because the ideas pop into my head, and if I don’t capture them, I might lose them.

This is all happening, right now.

Oh, and I’m loving every minute of it.





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    Wondering how much interest you have in me writing more of these types of posts?

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